Tim Fowers

Episode 58 is HERE, with the incredibly awesome and prolific board (and video) game designer Tim Fowers! This was, in many ways, a model episode of the Clockwork Game Design Podcast, because we hit so many different (but relevant) topics involving the process of game design. Yay! Here’s a few key items:

  • Conventions/conferences – which should you go to?
  • Some of Tim’s history and how he got where he is
  • A bunch of talk about Kickstarter and how to make it work (or not)
  • Some aesthetic design-process talk about things like theory and practice
  • Physically, how do you actually make board games for prototyping?
  • What about publishers? (Some spicy takes!)
  • What Tim thinks about DotA Auto Chess!

Anyway, please check out Tim’s games, either over at his site or listed on BoardGameGeek.

Thanks so much for listening, and as always, you can support this show at patreon.com/keithburgun.