Escape the Omnochronom! Version 1.2 Patch Notes

Version 1.2 is LIVE NOW!
This is a somewhat small patch, but has some stuff to get excited about, like the new items and the new general game balance. Also, players should have an easier time ranking up in general now – it should never take more than 2 wins to rank you up.

Without further adieu, here’s the patch notes!

– New item Spiked Armor – less armor than plate, costs less, but returns 25% of incoming physical damage. Note: this effect does not stack!
– New item: Candleabra – this item costs 3000 gold, but gives you 12 gold per turn, and a little bit of magic resist. Might be interesting! Who knows!?
– Leveling up should happen a bit faster now (increased base amount per win from 45% to 50%)
– The scaling of the game should happen a lot faster now. It used to take 650 turns to reach full monster power, down from 700.
– Minor fixes to help screen
– Minor fixes to options screen