Gem Wizards Tactics devlog 12.26.20

Hey everybody! Here’s a general update on Gem Wizards Tactics!


  • Design wise, a few months ago we deleted ability cooldowns. This was for a couple of reasons, one of which being the game doesn’t have a ton of turns – each turn is pretty dense. But as a result we’ve had some challenges, like how do you balance a strong ability (like a summon) against a weaker ability, like a fireball? Current ideas are to have a “summoner gem” that’s needed to cast summons, or maybe you start with your summons. Hopefully this will be about the last gamedesigny thing we mess with between now and release.
  • A new version of the tutorial is done! And more exciting, it will now be easy to do a puzzle mode. I’ll spend an hour or two looking into how hard this would be to add.
  • I also finished recently a huge pass into the animation system, where “fast moving” unit logic happens, as well as stack pushing.
  • Related to that, I have a big bugfixing pass up next! Campaign mode needs a bunch of fixes and balance and we need an options screen and a few other things… but we’re really close!

That’s it for now. I’m really excited – January is gonna be a big month! Hope to see you on the discord!