Gem Wizards Tactics v0.200! Open Beta!

Today we have a new, very huge version of Gem Wizards Tactics that represents a huge step forward for the game: Version 0.200. This version has a ton of really exciting improvements. I wish I had more time to write up more stuff on these. Let me give you the highlights!

  • Campaign Mode – You can now play a full campaign mode, sort of. Campaign Mode is a semi-roguelike mode where, each mission get more and more difficult. Gain 100% Liberation, and win. Lose 1 mission, and lose.
  • Different Terrain Types – Try out 5 different terrain types that have different generation qualities, including significant differences in size.
  • Huge balance changes – most significant of all is probably the way that Gems are generated (fewer of them) and how each is worth 2 Gem Power.
  • Tons of quality of life changes.

The complete patch notes are at the bottom of this post. Also, if you’d like to get involved in the Gem Wizards Tactics Beta, I will be opening it up to a number of new testers, so please head to the Discord and let me know you’re interested! Or, just come by to hang out.


Full patch notes:

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<b>Version 0.200 PATCH NOTES</b>
• • • • • • • • •

We're officially in BETA. This is a significant patch that has several significant balance and quality of life changes. However, the biggest thing is that you should be able to play Campaign Mode now. The different map generation types have a lot of different qualities now - give them a try in Custom mode.

UI/Quality of Life
• Currently selected AI unit is now made clear by a dark red highlight under them
• You can now right click enemy units to see a darkened hud version of their unit info (skills, etc)
• We now have "all units" and "starting units", so you can see in the faction select all of the units, including summons for a faction, but you might have 2 of a given unit in the campaign to start.
• Updates to Shield icons

• There are fewer gems on the map. 
• Gems don't spawn at the very edges of the map or to the southwest of your spawn point anymore, nor on roads
• Each Gem does more, as Gem-powered abilities are now much stronger.
• You start with 0 Gem Power
• There is no cap on Gem Power
• Unit Level works a bit differently now. At levels 2 and 4 you gain +1 Attack, and at levels 3 and 5 you gain +2 Defense.
• River generation type is now a small map and City is now a large one. Give these a try!

• Generally Campaign Mode should be functioning, except that it will not detect a campaign win or loss yet. However, you can simulate a loss by simply ending your campaign if you lose a mission, and a win if you reach 100 Territory before the enemy reaches 100 Power.
• Starting factions start with 6 units each. Business Demons start missing a biker and have 2 Bulldozers. Order starts missing a Bunny Builder. Potato start missing a Farmer.

• Bunny Builder AP 4=>5
• Guard Attack 3=>1
• Guard Defense 3=>4
• Ice Elemental Attack 7=>6
• Floe has a new round shape, 2 tiles away (similar to Auro's Floe)
• Archer and tower ranged attack damage 2=>1

• Patroll Attack 2=>3
• Patroll Fortify ability requires Wet terrain
• Andromeda's Entangle ability requires Wet terrain, and consumes it on use.
• Andromeda Storm damage direct hit 3=>4 damage
• Farmer Seedling GP cost 2=>1

• Weapon Contract doesn't require Gem Power to cast, only cash
• Predatory Loan costs 0=>2 GP