Richard Terrell on Smash Bros and more

Hey everyone! Weird times. I’ve actually been a little sick myself (don’t worry, I’m doing all of the things) and less productive over the past week or so than I’d like to have been. I originally wanted to have a new podcast episode ready for you guys today but sadly because of how weird everything has been, I am instead bringing you this full unedited conversation that I had with Richard “KirbyKid” Terrell over at my daily twitch stream, the Clockwork Gamedev Show. We talked about a bunch of stuff, it was pretty all over the place, but I think fans of this show should enjoy it.

Richard Terrell

Richard is a super amazing game designer and theorist – go check out his work and his community over at

By the way, the Clockwork Gamedev Show is off this week, but it’ll be back next week. I hope to see you around!

Thanks for listening!