Strategy Can Be Fun – Through The Ages, Playfulness and The Four Horsemen of Work

Surprise! New podcast!

Introducing STRATEGY CAN BE FUN?, a new podcast with myself and Brett Lowey. Brett is a game designer and developer, creator behind BrainGoodGames, frequent guest on the Clockwork Game Design Podcast, and all-around awesome guy. We’ve decided to come up with a new show that we do as a collaborate project, one where we discuss a new game IN DEPTH each month, focusing on our shared values of strategy game design: playfulness, depth, complexity, elegance, hidden information and all of that good stuff. I’m really excited about it!

The first-ever episode is about the hit boardgame, THROUGH THE AGES. I don’t actually own the physical game, but we’ve been playing a bunch of matches on BoardGameArena, and way more matches on the (very phenomenal) app. We have a lot to say about the show, and Brett also introduces what he calls his “four horsemen of work” in strategy game design (I’ve added some links to related articles I’ve written on these topics):

I really hope you enjoy the show. And if you do, consider supporting it at

Next month’s game is probably going to be David Sirlin’s Puzzle Strike II, so stay tuned!