Strategy Can Be Fun – Contextualized Choices in Puzzle Strike 2

Hello all! Thanks so much for checking out the second episode of our new podcast, STRATEGY CAN BE FUN? It’s up sooner than expected — when you have a new show, I think it’s good to get a few episodes out quickly if you can.

Today Brett Lowey and I are so excited to present you with a conversation about David Sirlin‘s latest tabletop game: Puzzle Strike II. For those who don’t know, I’m a massive fan of Sirlin’s work, and have been for over a decade. From his very cool card games like Yomi and Codex (my all-time favorite, possibly my favorite game ever, is the original Puzzle Strike), to his probably-the-best-Street-Fighter-Like Fantasy Strike, David Sirlin is a very accomplished designer.

Sirlin is a game designer’s game designer, I think. His games are WEIRD, they’re deep, they have high skill ceilings, and they’re original – and Puzzle Strike II is no exception. It’s possibly the Sirliniest of all of his games to date, and while we have a few critiques, I’m super excited to get my copy.

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Next month we’ll be covering (probably) Pax Pamir, so stay tuned!