The future and present of Escape the Omnochronom!

I’ve got a new podcast episode! This one is, I think, more technical, systems-design oriented, with some bigger questions involved. I mostly wanted to share my thought process about where Escape the Omnochronom! is now, where I imagine it going, and how I feel about it. I’m often conflicted about how much I should keep diving head first into this way-too-huge project, and how much I should work on other things.

I’ve decided that I’m going to make one big patch, which should probably be available in about three weeks, and then I’m going to back off for 2-3 weeks and see what people think. I think after three years I need to just give myself a little bit of a breather and allow myself to work on other projects.

I hope you enjoy the episode. Thank you to everyone who has purchased Escape the Omnochronom! on Steam and on And thank you, as always, to my wonderful Patreon supporters, without which I couldn’t do what I do.