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Technically speaking, I started working on the project that eventually became Escape the Omnochronom! back in 2015, although it has had at least four different names since that time. Someday I’ll have to run you all through the crazy adventure it has been. But for now I’m excited to show you what it has become so far.

Escape the Omnochronom! is my attempt to make a “big” strategy game; one kind of in the footsteps of a DotA or a League of Legends, but single player, and turn based. It’s kind of using a lot of Rogue-like design tropes as well: randomly generated maps, random item drops, and the same kind of familiar combat Rogue-like fans will be familiar with.

I’m hoping that it’s a good mix of totally strange and novel, and familiar and videogamey. There’s a lot to learn about the game in terms of rules, but I also think you can sort of “play it like a Roguelike” and just try to survive, explore, collect loot etc. until you start figuring out the larger strategy arcs and how they work (or, at least, are supposed to work).

My hope is that people see at least what I’m going for. I plan to add:

  • At least 4 or 5 more characters. I already have two mostly designed and they should be getting added pretty soon.
  • A whole ZONE is actually designed right now but missing because we couldn’t get the art done in time. The METAL zone is the fourth zone-type
  • Probably a dozen more unique item suffixes. There is a random item generator but we need more “suffixes” that can be applied to items to give them special active and passive qualities.
  • About a dozen special, hand-crafted items. Weird stuff, like a thing that summons a dozen skeletons for you would be super cool.
  • At least 3 or 4 more monster types, plus two (very specific…) secret rare monsters
  • Probably an unknown quantity of new cards. Maybe 12 more, or maybe 120 more. Not sure! Probably a lot.
  • We still need to do something with the FOREST, down below the map. Right now, you can mostly ignore it because all it has is a horrifying dragon who will basically destroy you if you go near him. Later we want it to be cool, mysterious and risky to go down there.
  • Obviously: balance, and polish, and features!

For now, thanks for hanging in there with us.

Come interact with us on the forums and the discord and let me know what you think. Your feedback is what’s really going to make this game awesome.

Thanks everyone, especially my Patreon patrons, for supporting me and helping out!

Now go grab the game!


Escape the Omnochronom! is created by Keith Burgun Games.

Game Design: Keith Burgun
Programming: Keith Burgun, Alex Durrant
Illustrations: Ana Lozada
Character Designs: Fariza Dzatalin, Keith Burgun
Pixel Art: Keith Burgun
Sound: Michael Schneider (SFX from Soundsnap), Keith Burgun
Music: Keith Burgun
Story & Design Consultant: Jenny Bee

This game was made possible by our patrons at

Special Thanks: Jenny Bee, Blake Reynolds, Nicholas Maddelena, Dinofarm Games, everyone in the kbgames/dinofarm community, Rob Seater, Bucky, Vivafringe, Nomorebirds, Happy Snake, Brett Lowey, Amber Ross