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Weekly Design Problems Complete List

Here is the complete list of Weekly Design Problems on the reddit/r/gamedesign subreddit (which I moderate). Note that I haven’t had time to do one every single week since it started, although most weeks I do. Some good discussion in many of the threads, so it seems worth documenting. I will of course continue to add the problems to this list as they get created. Enjoy!

 #14 – When is Your Game Done?

 #13 – What’s a Core Mechanism?

#12 – What’s a Contest?

#11 – Genre

#10 – Interactive Storytelling

#9 – Too Balanced?

#8 – Asymmetry?

#7 – Optimal Number of Choices

#6 – Reading an Opponent

#5 – Interesting vs Optimal

#4 – What’s a Puzzle?

#3 – Optimal Game Length

#2 – Goals

#1 – Cooperative Games


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