Site Redesign

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on redesigning my site, for a few reasons. One, I finished my second book – Clockwork Game Design – and I am changing the visual design of this site to reflect that of the book (hence the black gears around the place). What you’re seeing now isn’t necessarily final, and there are probably still bugs, but let me know what you think overall.

One of the coolest things is an idea I got from David Sirlin’s site. For a long time I’ve wanted a way to show all my best articles in a more digestible format than just some giant list. What Sirlin did was put them into a nice grid. I’ve done pretty much the same thing. Tap on “Design Articles” above to check it out (or click here).

I’ve also gone back to many of my old articles and improved them a bit; I’ll continue doing that in the future. Your article is your baby! I’ll also take some offline when they’re no longer relevant or are covered by another newer article.

As to the book: it’s scheduled for release sometime in early 2015, but I’ll certainly have more information soon!

Comments: I’ve now re-enabled comments. It was too much of a pain to use the Dinofarm Games forums for discussions. Bring on the comments!

  • On this page: the colour behind the titles is a little on the dark side and makes it hard to read the text.

  • Keith Burgun

    Fixed! Thanks, Steve.

  • Fixed! Thanks, Steve!

  • That’s much more readable! But personally I wouldn’t use the same colour for links and headings as it makes the headings look clickable (to me).

  • Sife

    I think it’s great that your treating your articles with care and updating them, but just to offer a readers perspective: I’ve found it useful in understanding your philosophy on game design to be able to follow how your ideas have changed over time. An example would be your more recent article on tetris as compared to how it was discussed in your book. I guess I’m asking you to consider not completely erasing outdated views in old articles, but explain that your opinions have since changed.

  • I appreciate your feelings on the matter. I’m sort of splitting the difference, I think. I am keeping most of my past articles in the archive – the pages you see on that nice little “articles” grid are just my “top articles” – ones that I recommend. However, there are some articles that are just poorly written or have an unprofessional tone, and some of those I need to get rid of the maintain a certain level of quality for the site.

    (I’m definitely not ashamed of the fact that my opinions have changed. I think that’s a good thing!)