DanC on the reasons for making games

Alphabear 2

Today I talked to Dan Cook about competitive games, social games, and our objectives behind making games in the first place. This was one of my favorite conversations with one of my favorite game design theorists out there. His blog, Lost Garden, was literally THE blog (along with maybe some stuff from Anna Anthropy) that inspired me to start writing about game design back in the mid `00s.

If you aren’t already aware, Dan’s team, Spry Fox, is the company behind Triple Town, Alphabear 1 and 2, Road Not Taken, Realm of the Mad God, Steambirds, and coming this summer, an MMO called Steambirds Alliance. I’ve also had the pleasure of playing some of Dan’s smaller/unfinished demos, and in my opinion, we are so incredibly lucky to have such a talented game designer pointing his energy in such a positive direction.

There’s a couple little audio blips, but other than that it should be good. AT the end of the show I have a short update about what I’ve been working on. Enjoy!

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