“Decisions”, XCom’s “creeping problem”, and paper prototyping

Hi! Welcome to episode 53 of the Clockwork Game Design Podcast! This is the second of “season 2” of the podcast – it’s another hour plus episode chock full of cool features.

First we talk about the whole “a series of interesting decisions” concept, which Sid Meier is well known for(here‘s his GDC 2012 talk about interesting decisions). Are “decisions” really the best word we could be using to talk about the future of strategy game design? For more on this subject I recommend reading this and this.

I also had a conversation with Evizaer, who writes for his blog nohidden.info. Specifically, make sure to check out his two relevant pieces on XCom:



Finally, I talk a lot about my experience (and skepticism) about paper prototyping.

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Enjoy the show!