Dragon Bridge

Once per year, Wizards come from far and wide to compete in the Dragon Bridge Games: a series of competitive magical battles that takes place on a bridge connecting two small magical islands. Who will be this year’s winner? Business-demons, partying skeletons, humans, stuffed animals, potatoes, magic bug people and other weird characters use tactical magic spells, collect items and do powerful combos in pursuit of deeper knowledge and understanding of magic!

DRAGON BRIDGE was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Grab a copy here!


DRAGON BRIDGE is a quick, competitive 2-player card game. Players each control a wizard, moving up and down an 18×1 grid, casting spells, gaining magic items and luring the dragon to one side or another. Players win either by knocking the other player into the Dragon, or by escaping.

Dragon Bridge is the first game in Keith Burgun’s “Gem Wizards” universe.

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