Gem Wizards Tactics

Playful tactics, weird magic, and endless challenge

Gem Wizards Tactics is now Available on Steam,, Google Play, the App Store, Nintendo Switch and XBox! This game is a turn-based strategy game with randomly generated maps and five wildly asymmetrical factions! Designed around endless single player play, Gem Wizards Tactics has over forty different unit types, each with their own unique abilities which not only combine within factions, but you can also pick up units from other factions and combine them into your army to create strange new strategies!

Take tight, puzzle-like tactics in the vein of Into the Breach and 868-HACK, add a big Fire Emblem-style overall package, and wrap the whole thing up in a nintendolicious candyflake aesthetic, and you have the new @keithburgun game, and it’s great.
– Frank Lantz, director of the NYU Game Center

Gem Wizards Tactics has won the award for BEST GAME DESIGN from the Unfold Games Awards!

In many ways, Gem Wizards Tactics will feel familiar to fans of Advance Wars, Fire Emblem or X-Com. However, enemy units are spawning randomly throughout the maps – and in Ranked Mode, you can even play on randomly generated maps! This means that the challenges are much more emergent and surprising—and so your strategies will have to be as well.

In this original turn based tactical war game, you take your army through a series of 10 battles in which you’ll need to capture towers before the enemy reinforcements get too strong! Colorful, animated pixel art, an original soundtrack, and frequent balance/content patches make this a strategy game that loves you back.

This game takes place in the same universe as my recently successfully Kickstarted Dragon Bridge, a two-player tactical card game.

Now Available on Steam! Get it here!

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