Music is probably the main thing I love about videogames. When I studied music at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, I specialized in focusing on game music composition, wrote music for games, and played in a videogame music cover band. I still continue to write music for games, and it continues to be a core motivating factor for me and my career in game design. I’ve also taught music and music theory for over 15 years. Finally, I’ve also done sound design for most of the games listed below – I’m proficient in BFXR and many other forms of sound design.


The Castle of the Secret Arts DEMO OST – YouTube

The Gem Wizards Tactics OST – YouTube

Auro: A Monster Bumping Adventure OST – Bandcamp (with Blake Reynolds)

100 Rogues OST – BandCamp (with Blake Reynolds)

Escape the Omnochronom! OST

Militia 2 OST


Other notable works:

Odette Odile, a synth pop group with my sister

The Flop House podcast theme song

Chess Mix

Jelly Bomber

Oh Nine, Eff Nine – I feel this one warrants some explanation. In 2007 Microsoft tried to keep its HD-DVD encryption key under wraps by telling people not to spread the number around. So I was one of probably thousands of people spreading the number around, of course. But this video went super viral and I was interviewed by the NYTimes and the LA Times – all despite the fact that the song was written in one mostly improvised take, in under five minutes.