My Games

Listed here in reverse chronological order!

2019 – Chess Mix A turn-based, silly fun tactical strategy game about chess pieces having a party! Available on for Windows, OSX and Linux.

2019 – Splash Clash on Lake Street – A deckbuilding, non-collectible card game for 1-4 players based on David Sirlin’s great game Puzzle Strike. Prototype is available in print-and-play format on

2019 – Advance Plants (with Happy Snake Games) – A turn based squad tactics game for Windows about hardened space marines watering plants, made in about a week. Available on

2018 – Escape the Omnochronom! – A blend of MOBA and Rogue-like elements into a mysterious single-player game. Available on and Steam.

2018 – Jelly Bomber (with Dinofarm Games) – A Dr. Mario/Puyo-Puyo like single player strategy game about dropping bombs on fruit to make jelly. Available on and Steam.

2015 – Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure (with Dinofarm Games) – A turn based, hex based strategy game that took me six years to finish and that’s probably the best game I’ve made. Working on a sequel to it now called Alakaram. Available on Steam.d

2013 – Empire: The Deck Building Strategy Game (with Crazy Monkey Studios) – My weird, half-baked take on the 4X genre.

2010 – 100 Rogues (with Dinofarm Games, Fusion Reactions) – A classic (but zany) Rogue-like with 16-bit art and music, and a few other twists. My first official commercial game. Originally on iOS, now probably only available on OUYA.

Other credits:

Art: Fast Fast Laser Laser (XBox 360, OUYA), UFO Dad (PS Vita), The Tenth Line (Steam)

Music: Equivoque (Steam), Brazen Berry Bonanza (Windows, Android), ROGO (Steam)

I’m usually juggling 2-5 new projects, so stay tuned on the next thing!