About Me

My name is Keith Burgun, and I’m a game designer, author, composer and visual artist.

I’m the designer of the critically-acclaimed 100 Rogues and Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure. These games were both created by Dinofarm Games, a company I co-founded. We’re currently working on a game called Jelly Bomber.

I’m currently working on my own games Escape the Omnochromon and Splash Clash on Lake Street.

I created a YouTube video series called 3 Minute Game Design, and I currently run a podcast called The Clockwork Game Design Podcast.

I’m the author of two books on game design: Clockwork Game Design, which outlines a pattern for elegant strategy game design, and Game Design Theory: A New Philosophy for Understanding Games, which describes philosophy on interactive systems generally. I believe that by understanding fundamental forms of interactivity, we can establish guidelines that will allow us to make better, more elegant games.

I’ve taught game design at the Katonah Arts Center, the NY Film Academy and SUNY Purchase College. I’ve also done talks at NYU’s Practice: Game Design in Detail 2013 conference, as well as at the NY Film Academy and at the Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.

I sometimes have time to take on new freelance game design, composition, writing or visual art projects. If you’re interested in consulting or have other inquiries, please feel free to email me at keithburgun at gmail.com.