How to not-hate marketing, Kickstarter tips, and my next big game

Today’s episode is not a theory-heavy episode at all. Instead, we have a lot of practical advice and other game development thoughts that may be helpful to anyone else who, like me, wants to make and try to sell their own games. On the docket for today:

  • How to not hate marketing (partially by not thinking of it as marketing at all, actually)
  • Some advice on running a small tabletop game Kickstarter
  • The very first thoughts on my next big game!


Some links:

Definitely check out James Mathe’s site – it’s an incredible resource for boardgame Kickstarter info.

This GDC talk was a big part of me learning not to hate marketing. Check it out!

Also if any Dragon Bridge fans are interested, here‘s the first-ever version of my Google Doc, made on the first day of the 18CardStrategyJam!

Thank you so much for listening. Thank you to my Kickstarter backers, my Patrons, Isaac Shalev, Adam Wilk, Tim Fowers, and everyone over at our Discord for helping turn Dragon Bridge from an OK game into a fantastic game. We’ll be back somewhat soon with some cool interviews!