Gem Wizards Tactics Introduces “Derby’s Story”!

I’m super excited to announce that today, as of the latest patch (1.10) that Gem Wizards Tactics has a new mode: Derby’s Story. Since launch about two weeks ago, one of the common things I heard was something along these lines: “The tutorial is really easy and simple, but then the game throws you into Campaign or Match mode, and it’s a bit overwhelming“. So over the last week or so I’ve been working 12-15 hour days every day to get a new mode added to the game!

Derby’s Story is somewhere in between the difficulty and complexity of Tutorial, and the easiest Campaign or Custom modes. It also importantly gives players the opportunity to be introduced to the Gem Wizards Universe in a way that wasn’t possible with the other modes. Derby’s Story features cutscenes, illustrations, new settings, new music, and new characters with new abilities. Most prominent of these is Derby Pocket, the main character in the story.

Some of you KBGames fans may recognize Derby from Dragon Bridge!

I am super excited to share this story with people. I’m really proud of it. That said, I do also intend to expand/improve on it in the future (as is always the case with everything in Gem Wizards Tactics). I also would love to create other story episodes later on, telling the stories of other characters and factions.

Also, related to that original feedback: you should know that Campaign Mode now has three difficulty settings: Apprentice, Wizard, and Archmage. Not only that, but we’ve made Apprentice significantly easier with Patch 1.10. So I think players should have a much easier time on-boarding now than they did at launch.

Here are the (mostly) full patch notes, which you can also read on Steam.

Version 1.10
- "Derby's Story" Mode added! Go through a series of stages and 
- New Neutral unit: Derby Pocket. The hero of the Story Mode is also discoverable in campaign missions. Has two abilities and a passive.
- New Neutral unit: Agneth Sparrow. A pumped-up Fire Mage that also has Gale.
- Fixed some tooltips.
- Default difficulty level is now APPRENTICE for campaigns.
- Apprentie campaign difficulty decreased significantly.
- Units no longer turn grey just from moving. More changes planned for this system soon.
- Buff icons now appear above and to the right of the unit, which makes them easier to see.
- "Stunned" icon now stays out for the duration.
- Many bug fixes and other polish improvements.

Thanks so much for your feedback and help everyone! I couldn’t do this without you. Stay tuned for more Gem Wizards Tactics news!