Spellstorm Character Profiles: Bunny Wizard

With the Kickstarter right around the corner, today I’d love to introduce you to my favorite friend in the Spellstorm cast: Bunny Wizard! Bunny is a very positive and optimistic guy.


Bunny’s Story

One day, Bunny Wizard was flying around in a fancy new automated blimp. He was headed to see a concert in Goldenbridge when the blimp he was on took a very bad route to get there, one that passed right through the Spellstorm. You’re not supposed to fly blimps through dangerous storms, so Bunny did not understand why the automated blimp did that. Perhaps it was broken, Bunny thought. Soon, the blimp was taken down by the intense winds of the storm, and it landed in the water with a huge splash.

Now it’s definitely broken, thought Bunny.

Thankfully, everyone on the flight was okay, but now they were stranded on a cold rock out in the sea. After a little while, Bunny noticed his old pals Derby Pocket and Eve Williams (he had met them at Dragon Bridge) sailing nearby, so he flagged them down with some sparkling magic. They explained to him that a bad guy from the past named Croh Vosh was here at the Spellstorm to do very, very bad things. Bunny asked what kinds of bad things and they explained that Croh was trying to gain the powerful Storm Shards, which, if he was able to do it, he’d become unstoppably powerful.

They tried to explain more about why it was bad to let Croh get those Storm Shards. What Bunny eventually gathered was that this was a bad thing, because Croh still thinks he’s a king or something from like 500 years ago, so he’s going to boss everyone around, and probably kill everyone too.

Bunny thought and thought and thought, and then he realized that he better help try to take this guy down. They’re gonna need his healing magic!!

Bunny then asked if he could also maybe get a ride to Goldenbridge after, because he was still really excited to see his concert. Derby and Eve said that they would take Bunny to the concert after they beat Croh, which made Bunny extra motivated! Let’s go, he said, and the gang charged into the fray.


Bunny’s Character Card

Bunny is designed to be a Water and Earth character. This usually means that he’s at his best mid to late game. Using his Ultimate ability, Cast a Magic Trick!, he can play a card twice and VOID it, removing it from his deck. This can be extremely powerful, especially for leveling up your Dig Track, which lets you get access to the strongest cards in the game.

In terms of weakness, Bunny’s extremely low health (most characters have more than twice his starting amount) means that he’s quite vulnerable early on if he doesn’t get his healing engine going quickly. You’ve got to be extra careful in the very early game playing as Bunny Wizard. However, once you get one or two healing cards going, you could pump up Bunny’s health to his special maximum of 8 (most characters can’t heal above their starting health), at which point you can then use those heals for a two-draw, helping you win the Blast Battles late game.


Bunny’s Wizard Spells

First up, we have Buddy System, an Earth card. This one is all about sharing, as it helps out the other players, potentially more than it helps you. But the good news is, you’re the one who gets to decide when Buddy System gets played. For reference, it takes 6 Dig Tokens to level up your Tech Tier. So ideally, what you want to do with this, is play it when you have 4 or 5 Dig Tokens, leveling you up and getting you pretty far into the next tier. Even more ideal, though, is to play this when the enemy already has initiative (that’s the little lightning bolt icon). Oh – and it also gets Bunny a mana, which is extra good for him, as his Ultimate ability is arguably one of the strongest in the game, and playing Wizard Spell Cards lets you do your ultimate. If you can do all three of things, this is one of the most powerful econ cards in the game!


Bunny’s other card is Snow Day. This one is on the simpler side, but it’s very effective, and is the arguably the most essential Water card in the whole game. It gives the opponent an Ice, which not only can’t be played (it’s like a wound or curse in other deckbuilders) but it actually saps your mana when you discard it. An Ice you give the other player on the first turn of the game could still be giving them grief a dozen rounds later, so you’ll want to play this early and often.

The other reason you’ll want to be playing this early as possible, is because it has a heal on it, and like I said, Bunny starts out with a very small amount of health. If you’re playing against an aggressive character like Derby, May, or Omar, you’re probably going to want to discard that water card to heal 1 as soon as possible. However, against other water or earth based characters (such as Abragail for example), it may actually be a smarter move to just draw an extra card. Drawing cards contributes to your final Blast Score at the end of the battle, which gets you closer to Storm Shards, which is one of the two ways to win.

(The other way to win is to deal damage, which is something Bunny isn’t terribly good at.)

Bunny’s Favorite Cards

When playing as Bunny Wizard, you want to look for cards that would be amazing to play twice in quick succession for your Ultimate Ability. You also probably want cards that don’t require discarding a specific element of card to trigger their effect. For as an example of a card Bunny wouldn’t want to use his Ultimate on, it might be tough to use on Fireball, because you’d need multiple Fire cards in hand (and discarding so much will make you more likely to lose the Blast Battle). It would also be not the greatest because you’d be getting two Ashes.

Maybe not the best for Bunny to use for his Ultimate.


In general, anything that heals, Bunny likes, so a lot of Water cards – both because many of them have a Heal on them, and also as a potential discard for Snow Day. However, most Earth cards can be pretty great to use since you can get a bunch of Dig Tokens quickly with your Ultimate, and then double it with Buddy System. Spirit Stone is a good Tier I card on Bunny, which allows you to thin-deck pretty intensely on top of getting two Dig Tokens.

Anything that draws cards is really strong to do twice as well. This one is a Tier II card, which isn’t hard for Bunny to reach quickly, and it lets him draw 6. That’d be hard for any opponent to win against in a Blast Battle.

Of course, it’s definitely worth considering not using your Ultimate on your powerful cards, since, once you do that, they’re gone forever. It really depends on how much longer you think the game is going to go, which is actually an important question for all Spellstorm characters.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more character profiles soon!


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