Dragon Bridge

Two-player card game in the Gem Wizards universe


Five days left until we launch the Dragon Bridge Kickstarter! To get everyone hyped for it, I’m doing what I know how to do best: write game design articles. I’ll be writing one short article per day for the next five days, leading up to the launch, each about a specific Action Card in the …


Five cool things about the design of Dragon Bridge

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the game design of Dragon Bridge. Dragon Bridge is a two player competitive card game. I originally designed it very quickly—in a matter of a few hours—as part of the #18CardStrategyJam, and I had never had the experience before of making a game that kinda “worked” …

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Introducing Dragon Bridge!

Dragon Bridge is a fantastically magical bridge which joins two of the world’s most fantastically magical islands together. Once per year, it is possible to cross the bridge, summon a fantastically magical item, and escape. However, you must do this quickly, for a fantastically magical Dragon is circling the bridge, one who is known to …

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