Bannet Bulletin Ep. 3 – Introducing the Impulse Combat System (and more)

Above is an early screenshot of our combat system in the prototype for Free Tiya Bannet, which is coming along smoothly. The incredible UI art was just freshly finished by our artist, Wizbane, and oh my god I love it!

Anyway, today I’m talking about our Impulse System, which is the core of the FF13-inspired combat system in Free Tiya Bannet. Talking about why it is the way it is, how it works, and some stuff about action economy in RPGs.

I also talk a bunch about a game I’m playing (and loving) right now: Bravely Default, for 3DS. It’s like Final Fantasy V with Haste cast onto its jobs system. Specifically, I talk about random encounters, and the tendency to want to speed up or automate these battle systems and what that means.

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